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You helped us so now we want to help you. In 2011, you participated in an Assessment of the Portland Region's Food Donation Infrastructure and your contributions inspired revisions to the Fork it Over program. Below are some of the best practices we identified with input from both businesses and food rescue agencies.

Establish Relationships with Donors

Food businesses are busy, yet with rising concerns about waste and hunger, there are opportunities to expand sources of food donations by reaching out to food industries, restaurants, and grocers in your area. Don’t overlook potential donations from smaller businesses. Businesses might not understand the process, how easy it can be, recognize the benefits or realize they have enough to donate. Reach out and offer your knowledge and assistance. 


Maintain Relationships

Know  your donors and their specific needs. Be consistent and adaptable, but help them to understand your needs as well so that balanced and mutually beneficial relationships are maintained.  


Barriers to Participation

Understand common donor concerns:

  • Most businesses will need donation pick-up service.
  • Inconsistent or unreliable pickup can spoil even established relationships.
  • Many businesses will only have a narrow window of time for food to be picked up.
  • Lack of storage space at the business can discourage donation. 


Clear Communication

Establishing clear understanding at the beginning of the relationship is crucial. When talking to a donor ensure there is an agreement regarding:

  • What foods are accepted by your agency and in what quantities.
  • How donations need to be prepared for pickup or delivery.
  • Place and time of food transfer. 
  • Identify the key contact at the business for the donation program.
  • Make sure information is not lost during staff turnover at donor businesses or your agency. 



Agencies often benefit from relationships with other food rescue organizations or participation in networks. Here are some ways to strengthen the overall food donation network: 

  • Help find a home for all donations.  If you can't accept a donation, refer businesses to other agencies that can.
  • Collaborate with other agencies on outreach strategies to increase awareness about food donation opportunities.
  • Promote the environmental benefits of donation hand-in-hand with the community benefits.


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